Mott's Clamato Caesar legendary taste for over 50 years

The two go hand in hand, but where did this dynamic duo come from?

Walter Chell, the food and beverage manager of the Inn 1972


The caesar, a legendary taste begins

With its oil, cattle and the cowboy lifestyle, Calgary was booming! The Calgary Inn was growing too, opening a new restaurant called Marco’s. To commemorate this special event, Walter Chell revealed his new cocktail.

Inspired by his favourite dish, Spaghetti Vongole (Spaghetti and Clams), Walter mixed a similar combination of ingredients into this new drink.

Tomato juice, clam nectar, Worcstershire sauce and celery salt… voilà! Sweet, savoury, salty and spicy, as the signature cocktail of an Italian restaurant, Walter named this kingly cocktail the Bloody Caesar.

The same year, the Duffy Mott Company patented the key ingredient in a Bloody Caesar, canned clam-tomato juice: Mott's Clamato was born.

Motts Clamato Extra Spicy TV commercial 1985


Some like it hot

Cadbury Beverages bought Mott’s Clamato in the year 1983 and introduced it’s first flavour innovation: Extra Spicy. The new flavour was a huge success and gave the world a taste of what was yet to come. 

Mott's Clamato Ninjas Commercial 2000


Grab and go!

A new millennium means big changes…good ones of course. A new generation enjoys a faster, more connected lifestyle.  Mott’s Clamato helped  to quench this thirst for instant gratification by introducing new Ready-to-Drink Caesar glass bottles in Original & Extra Spicy flavours.

Mott's Clamato Commercial, Mexico 2008


Mott’s Clamato continues to innovate and launches an all new flavour – The Works!


On the go Caesars continue to thrive with Mott’s Clamato adding new Ready-to-Drink flavours to the portfolio.

Mott's Clamato Commercial 2009


Parliament declaration of the caesar

The Mott’s Clamato Caesar becomes Canada’s official cocktail!


Whether you are a fan of the Classic or something extra, Mott’s Clamato publishes a cookbooks with recipes for all to enjoy.

Clamato Extreme Commercial 2015


Legendary taste continues

Mott’s Clamato continues to bring legendary taste to Canadians with a new flavour launch – Lime!


The classic Caesar garnish, Pickled Bean is brought to life in a new flavour innovation featuring a bold and tangy new taste!



Since 1969, the Caesar has become so much more than a national cocktail. It’s a cultural icon – embedded in our social customs and traditions.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the country’s beloved cocktail, Mott’s Clamato is sharing 50 recipes to celebrate 50 years plus limited edition packaging.


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