Hey, we're Mott's Clamato

We don't usually like to talk about ourselves. But since it doesn't seem like you're going to say much, here it goes.

The Caesar was invented in 1969 by the man, the legend Walter Chell.

Not long after, we fell in love. In fact, before we were even finished our first sip, we knew – the Caesar was something special. So we got to work and later that year created our very first Mott’s Clamato Caesar Mix.

And then we kept creating, mixing new and tasty Mott’s Clamato flavours to always make sure Canadians can have their Caesar, their way. Because we believe everyone deserves that magical moment we had back in 1969. That moment when you drink a Caesar made exactly how you like it.

It’s been over 50 years now.

That’s 50 years of cottage afternoons, brunch hangouts and everything in between. Looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing.

So yes, we love Caesars. A lot. But what Canadian doesn’t? It’s our national cocktail. Our pride and joy. And a seriously delicious drink.

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