The Works
Proof that when it comes to seasonings and spices, less isn’t more.

Leave no seasoning behind!

The more you learn about Mott’s Clamato The Works®, the more you can’t help but be jealous. With extra spices, seasonings, hot sauce and horseradish, this one has it all. No wonder it’s always being invited to the cottage! Filled with flavour, Mott’s Clamato The Works goes best with loving life at your favourite band’s concert, or being invited backstage and then telling anybody who will listen about it at every other concert from then on.

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Other Products

Mott's Clamato bottle original flavour with celery and lime behind it
Mott's Clamato bottle the works flavour with celery spicy peppers and peppercorns behind it
Mott's Clamato Bottle Extra Spicy Flavour with red spice powder and red spicy peppers behind it

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