Pho Sho! Caesar

Pho Sho! Caesar

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5oz Mott’s Clamato Original
1oz Vodka
.5oz Lime Juice
4 Dashes Green Pepper Hot Sauce
.5oz Ponzu
Cilantro - Muddled
Pho Soup Packet & Sea Salt


Stick of Lemongrass
Veggie Fresh Roll


1 Pho Soup Packet
1 Tablespoon Seasoning Salt
Mix all ingredients together and use as a rimmer!


1Rim a tall glass with Pho soup sacket and Sea Salt.

2Add the vodka, lime juice, green pepper hot sauce, ponzu and Cilantro.

3Give the mixture a muddle to release the oils from the cilantro.

4Add ice then pour in the Mott’s Clamato Original.

5Give the cocktail a stir to incorporate all the flavours together. Garnish with a veggie fresh roll and a stick of lemongrass.

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