Kernel of Truth Caesar

Kernel of Truth Caesar

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5oz Mott’s Clamato The Works
1oz Rum
.5oz Chipotle Hot Sauce
.5oz Lime Juice
.5oz Pickle Juice
4 Dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
Fresh Dill - Muddled
Dill Popcorn Seasoning & Mott’s Extra Spicy Rimmer


Popcorn – Tossed with Rimmer Mix


2 Tablespoons Dill Popcorn Seasoning
1 Tablespoon Mott’s Extra Spicy Rimmer
Mix all ingredients together and use as a rimmer!


1Rim a tall glass with Kernels Dill-lrious Popcorn Seasoning and Mott’s Extra Spicy Rimmer.

2Add the rum, Chipotle Hot Sauce, lime juice, pickle juice, Worcestershire sauce and fresh dill.

3Muddle the ingredients together to break down the fresh dill.

4Add ice then pour in the Mott’s Clamato The Works.

5Give the cocktail a stir to incorporate all the flavours together. Garnish with popcorn tossed in the rimmer mix.

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